Natalie Cobo DPhil candidate, University of Oxford; translator of early modern Latin texts

De gubernatione

My name is Natalie Cobo and I am an historian of the Philippines in the early modern period. I am currently doing a D.Phil. at the University of Oxford where my research considers the development of colonial society in the Philippines in this period, examining how Spaniards understood indigenous societies, how they attempted to change them, and how they had to adapt these expectations to the realities of the archipelago.

My background is in Classics and I also translate early modern Latin texts. I am currently working at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History in Frankfurt where I am translating the legal treatise, de Gubernatione, by seventeenth-century Spanish jurist, Juan de Solórzano Pereyra, into English and Spanish.

I am a founding member of Neogranadina, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to rescuing the holdings of endangered archives and libraries in Colombia and promoting the digital humanities.

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