Natalie Cobo DPhil candidate, University of Oxford; translator of early modern Latin texts


I am one of the founding members of Neogranadina, a non-profit foundation devoted to digitising the holdings of endangered archives and libraries in Colombia and promoting the digital humanities. In partnership with the Medici Archive Project, the Universidad de los Andes and the Universidad del Cauca, the foundation is currently digitising three key early-modern collections in Popayán and Tunja at the rate of several thousand images every week, using low-cost scanners that we have designed and built ourselves. With the help of international allies, we are in the process of setting up an online archive to make these images available to everyone, around the world, for free.


Neogranadina also aims to promote the digital humanities and one of our flagship projects for demonstrating some of the ways in which digital tools can aid historical research is a collaborative project to transcribe and publish online the Recopilación de leyes de los reinos de las Indias (1680).